When you are in vacation and you look for a Coworking space… here we are, right in the heart of the Ossola!

coworking space domodossola ossolaSometimes you’re travelling…

Sometimes you’re visiting an interesting new aera

Sometimes you happen to be in vacation…

…and you need a place to concentrate for half an hour or so.

Maybe you need a cozy oplace for an important call, maybe you want to focus on an urgent matter, maybe you just need to write down a document.

Whether your need os about work or not, whether whto you’re looking for is a desk or a reliable Wi-Fi, whether you’re a tourist or a traveler, we would like you to know that Coworking Ossola, nicely located a few kms from Domodossola, is exactly what you need!

So, count on us!

Whatever you need to know about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We’re here for you!

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